Making ceramic PCB test boards for customer process validation

Alumina PCB with green soldermask - C-Proto Alumina PCB

“Can we test if your boards fit our assembly process?”

“Could you send us a sample?”

We often get these questions and we understand that not everyone has worked with ceramic circuits before and wants to try this material before ordering it in their own design.

To solve this we started the development of new ceramic PCB test boards made on our prototyping line in Belgium. Soon, they will be offered on our OCTO portal and made available to anyone who would like to validate ceramic PCB with their assembly process. Simple & Easy.

They will be available in alumina and aluminum nitride with both copper, as well as silver metalization and multiple surface finishes, suitable for either soldering, (gold) wire bonding, and others. The target launch date is March 23, 2020.

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