Clean Vision Summit 2020

Clean vision summit 2020 by VITO

Past tuesday February 18, 2020, VITO, the Flemish Institute of Technological development held its 2020 Clean Vision summit in Mechelen, Belgium. This event covered hot topics including Artificial Intelligence, automation, nanotechnology, 3D-printing technology and many more. In short, the innovations for making processes and products smarter and faster are appearing at a record rate.

The congress showed an overview of more than 20 VITO innovations, all in areas connected to the circular economy: sustainable and smart agriculture, chemistry, industry, energy, materials, and logistics. CERcuits was represented throughout the day discussing potential new innovations in both its processes as well as new products and projects using ceramic materials and circuits in battery technology, insect farming, 3D printing and heating

Key lessons that were clear from the start is that:

  • The European Green deal offers tremendous business opportunities
  • There is a ton of cutting edge research is done and knowledge present at a short distance of the CERcuits lab & office.
  • Implementation of new technologies at a rapid pace is key
    “The more we speed up and scale up, stepping out of unsustainable practices, the more space there will be to move into sustainable practices. Invest in sustainability, not in dead-end streets.” Hans Bruyninckx, Executive Director at the European Environment Agency

The Clean Vision Summit did not only gave us a good view of the research performed by VITO and consequently developed innovations. It also gave us a good opportunity to connect better with the key people at the institute and strengthened our network with the organization.

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