An update for our customers on COVID-19


A message from the CERcuits management on how we are preparing and dealing with the COVID-19 global pandemic and the steps we are taking to minimize wherever possible any impacts on them.

We have been actively monitoring and managing risks associated with the COVID-19 outbreak for our people, customers, and our business. As we prepare and respond, our number one priority will always be the safety of our employees, and the employees of our suppliers and partners.

We, therefore, have implemented the following measures that will last until further notice:

  • All work that does not require presence in the office will be done from home.
  • We have minimized the number of people working at our inhouse prototyping line down to one.
  • No external people are allowed in the office, workshop and lab.
  • All in-person meetings and visits are canceled.
  • The workshop upgrade mid-April has been postponed

Due to the measures taken above, we realize that we might not be able to deliver every order on time. additionally, we also are starting to face delays from our supply base due to closures and reduced activity. We apologize for the inconvenience this might cause but, again, we will always put the health and well being of our people, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders first.

Let us all follow the guidelines and restrictions put in place by the Belgian and other governments and hope this will all be over soon with a minimal number of casualties.

Stay safe everyone and take care of your loved ones.

The CERcuits management team

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