Tech&Dev update #1: And so it begins…

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Greetings! We are happy to share this first Tech&Dev update. As a young company, we are constantly improving our services, products, and technology and in this update, we would like to share our progress with you. Going forward, we will periodically report on the new products and/or services we started to offer (f.e. a new substrate), improvements that made to our current process (f.e. tighter tolerances), future developments that are in the process and any other relevant information that might be. 

A) New! New! New!

  • We have increased our blank substrates offering significantly over the past weeks and now also ship the following materials additionally from our local stock:
    • Silicon Nitride – 1mm
    • Alumina 96% – 0.6mm
    • Sapphire – 0.4mm & 0.6mm
    • Borosilicate glass – 2mm
    • Quartz – 1mm & 2mm
  • We offer now 0.38mm Alumina PCB with copper conductors via our C-Proto solution. It was only available with silver conductors before.
  • We can now offer reflective white solder mask LEW3 from Taiyo on our C-proto ceramic pcb. This solder mask offers better reflectivity and resistance to degradation by UV light. 

B) Improvements

  • Our C-proto minimum line spacing and width has standard been reduced to 0.15mm (6 mil) from 0.2mm (8 mil) on both alumina as well as aluminum nitride.
    Note that on most of the designs we are capable of reaching 0.1mm spacing & width but  
  • We have switched our C-proto soldermasks to Taiyo PSR-4000 for white, green and black. 

C) A sneak peak into what is to come

  • A new ISO7 clean room is on its way for our C-Proto line to further increase the quality of our screen printing processes. 
    More improvements are scheduled over the next months so stay tuned. 
CERcuits - Clean room ISO for C-proto production
  • We have started tests with double sided designs as well as two-layer single-sided boards at our C-proto prototyping lab.
    For the inquiries we got, we know that many, many people are waiting for this and hopefully we can multilayer functionality to our online quoting tool by the end of the summer and announce it in our next update.
    => Can’t wait? If you currently have a 2 layer design that you need in sample quantities, please contact us
  • We are supporting Swiss research center & university EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne) in upcoming ion trap experiments with a double-sided AlN PCB with a size and other specifications far beyond our standard capabilities.
    First samples were delivered and are now being tested. Still some adjustments to be done but hopefully, we can integrate some of our learnings into our standard processes and announce enlarged capabilities soon.
    We want to thank EPFL already for the opportunity to work with them. 
EPFL logo
  • We made the first UVC LED starboards in Aluminum Nitride for SeTi/Seoul Viosys 255nm LEDs (CA3535 series). We realize there are many companies developing UVC solutions but they are missing simple starboards to mount the LEDs on for their first prototypes and proof of concepts. 
    They will be listed on our website starting end of june but if you can’t wait, simply contact us
  • Update 2024-02: It took a long, long time but we finally launched out UV-C LED starboards. They come with a new highly reflective coating for these wavelenght (more info about the coating) while still sitting on highly thermally conductive AlN. 
    Find the parts here: UV-C starboards by CERcuits
UVC LED starboard in Aluminum Nitride

That’s it for this first Tech&Dev update. Lots of things are going on and even more are being scheduled. Stay up to date by linking our Facebook or LinkedIn page or leave your email below to receive our newsletters.

Any remarks, questions, or comments, feel free to post them below. We love to hear from you!

With the COVID pandemic still raging through the world. We want to wish everyone a good health. Stay safe and look out for each other. 


Frederik, CEO CERcuits

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