NEW: Introducing Our High UV-C Reflective Solder Mask

High reflective UV mask - CERcuits

The emergence of ultraviolet (UV)-C LED technology has revolutionized the disinfection, sterilization, and healthcare industries. While UV-C LEDs offer promising benefits, their inherent limitations, such as side emission and lower efficiency compared to other LEDs, have hindered their widespread adoption. To address these challenges, we have developed a groundbreaking high-reflective solder mask specifically designed for ceramic PCBs, harnessing the power of UV-C light and unlocking its full potential.

Ceramic PCBs: The Standard for UV-C LED Modules

Ceramic PCBs have established themselves as the preferred material for UV-C LED modules due to their exceptional thermal conductivity, exceptional resistance to high temperatures and harsh chemicals, and their ability to withstand the intense energy of UV-C light without degrading. These properties are crucial for ensuring the longevity and reliability of UV-C LED devices and enable miniaturization and increase power density.

Conventional solder masks, however, often pose a significant challenge for UV-C LED applications. Their tendency to absorb UV-C light reduces its effectiveness and can potentially damage surrounding components. This inefficiency limits the reach and efficacy of UV-C light, hindering its widespread application, especially in high throughput applications.

High reflective UV mask - CERcuits

sample of our reflective UV-C mask on a alumina circuits with copper metallization

Reflectance of CERcuits UV mask in the 200-500nm wavelenght spectrum

Graph: Reflectance of CERcuits’ UV mask in the UV spectrum. before and after 2000h of exposure.

Unleashing the True Potential of UV-C LEDs with CERcuits’ High-Reflective Solder Mask

To address the limitations of conventional solder masks, we have developed a unique and innovative high-reflective solder mask solution specifically engineered for ceramic PCBs. This groundbreaking material boasts an impressive reflectivity of over 80% in the critical 200-300nm wavelength range, ensuring that the emitted UV-C light is directed precisely where it needs to go.


Our solder mask effectively minimizes the loss due to side emission, which is a common issue with current UV-C LEDs, maximizing the output.

The high reflexivity of our solder mask also contributes to improved process efficiency. By minimizing UV-C light absorption and scattering, our mask reduces the amount of wasted energy, resulting in more efficient disinfection and sterilization processes. This enhanced efficiency translates into lower energy consumption and extended lifespan for UV-C LED modules.

Furthermore, our solder mask can protects surrounding components from the harmful effects of UV-C radiation. By better focusing UV-C light outwards, it minimizes exposure improving reliability and reducing the risk of damage.

Design rules, datasheet, Quote & order

We can apply our UV-C reflective solder mask solution on both Alumina 96% and Aluminum Nitride PCB’s. It is compatible with most common surface finishes and assembly technologies (soldering, gluing, wire bonding,…)

More information and the design rules can be found here.

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picture: Our UVC reflective mask can be selected in our online quote and order tool.

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