Aluminum Oxide PCB (Alumina)

Aluminum oxide PCB (Al2O3 or Alumina) is today the most widely used ceramic printed circuit board and submounts. This is thanks to its good material properties, namely good thermal conductivity, low CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion), resistance to chemical hazards and hermeticity in combination with a relatively low cost and a more easy handling. Applications include for example cooling and heating modules, LED boards, medical circuits, sensor modules, and high-frequency devices.

The main reasons Alumina is chosen over other printed circuit boards is:

  • Higher operating temperature up to 350ºC (using thick film printing)
  • Lower expansion coefficient (6-8 ppm/ºC) matching components
  • Good thermal properties (22-24 W/mK)
  • Superior high-frequency performance
  • Smaller package size due to integration and multi-layer possibilities
  • High wear and chemical hazards resistance
  • Hermetic packages possible, 0% water absorption
  • Good light reflection due to white color.
  • Limited to no outgassing
  • Strong rigid material

At CERcuits, we supply both Aluminum Oxide PCB (Al2O3 96%) made by thick film process (Silver metalization) as well as Direct Plated Copper Technologies (DPC), with copper tracks and pads.

We offer online quoting + ordering and have a solution for you whether you are in your development phase, doing research or moving towards mass production.

Explore our Aluminum Oxide PCB solutions below:

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Quick turn. Starting at 1 piece!

Naked Alumina pcb - Prototype - OCTO
Ceramic PCB - alumina 96% Al2O3 PCBwith blue encapsulation
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The perfect solution for fast turn development, research, prototyping and low to volume programs. Advised for 1-5 panels. 

  • Max dimensions 100x80mm | 3.9″ x 3.1″
  • Copper (1oz | 35um) or Silver (20um +/- 5) metallization 
  • Layers: Single and double-sided
  • Thicknesses: 0.25mm, 0.38mm, 0.5mm, 0.76mm, 1mm | 0.015″, 0.02″, 0.03″, 0.04″
  • Vias PTH (filled or not filled)
  • Solder mask: Green, Black & White, Blue (standard or encapsulant) + UV reflective white (unique solution)
  • Legend: laser engraving possible
  • Finish: Immersion Tin, Silver, ENIG (gold), ENEPIG & EPIG
  • Track width: >= 150um / 6 mil
  • Spacing: >= 150um / 6 mil
  • Delivery in single units or panel with/without laser scribing (more info)

More information:

Design delivery format: Gerber, dxf, dwg, step, pdf, ai, ODB++

Lead time: 8-25 working days. 2-3 days possible

Assembly: suitable for manual soldering, SMT, through hole, wire bonding.

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More options, higher volume

Alumina 96 PCB with silver conductors and white glas encapsulant
Alumina PCB Al2O3 PCS with gold plating - double sided
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Full specifications available. Mostly chosen for Medium to Higher volume programs. Advised from >5-100 panels

  • Max dimensions 125x125mm | 5″x5″
  • Copper, Silver or Silver-palladium metalization
  • Layers: single layer – up to 4 layers
  • Thicknesses: 0.25mm, 0.38mm, 0.5mm, 0.635mm, 0.76mm, 1mm, 1.5mm |  0.010″, 0.015″, 0.02″, 0.025″, 0.03″, 0.04″, 0.06″
  • Vias PTH or filled vias
  • Glass passivation or solder mask (various colors)
  • Legend: Black, White 
  • Finish: Silver, ENIG (gold), ENEPIG or EPIG (advised for gold wire bonding)
  • Track width: >= 100um / 4 mil
  • Spacing: >= 100um / 4 mil
  • Delivery in single units or panel with/without laser scribing (more info)

More information:

Design delivery format: Gerber, ODB, DXF/DWG, PDF, Step

Tooling cost might incur.

Lead time: 20-35 working days (depending on design)

Assembly: suitable for manual soldering, SMT, through hole, wire bonding.

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beste price or new development

thick film double sided alumina Al2O3 ceramic PCB with silver conductors and glass encapsulant
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High volume or recurring program? Need something else? Contact us to discuss.

  • Best price
  • Larger dimensions (up to 190mm | 7.5″)
  • More thicknesses options (up to 3mm )
  • Thicker metallization 
  • Special finish (DIG)
  • Special metalization (AgPt, Au) 
  • Tighter track width & spacing (down to 50um)
  • Special builds, hybrid material
  • Special material (glass, silicon nitride – Si3N4)
  • Circuit on heatsink
  • Assembly 
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Material properties Aluminum Oxide 96%:

PropertyItemsUnitAl2O3 96%
PhysicalColor -White
Material - Aluminium Oxide%96%
Water absorption%0
ElectricalDielectric Constant (1MHz)-9-10
Dielectric Loss*10^-43
Dielectric strengthMV/m or KV/mm>15
Insulation/Volume resistanceΩ·cm>10^14
MechanicalDensity after Sintering (Bulk density)g/cm3>3.7
flexural Strength (3 point)Mpa>400
Surface Roughnessμm0.2~0.75
ThermalCoefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE)ppm/°C6.5-7.5
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) RT~500 °Cppm/°C6.5-8.0
Thermal Conductivity (25°C)W/m‧K24
* Reflectivity test reference thickness of 1mm
The data shown is typical of commercially available material and is only offered for comparative purposes. The information shall not be interpreted as absolute material properties nor does it constitute a representation or warranty for which we assume legal liability. User shall determine the suitability of the material for the intended use and assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith.

(*) pricing examples based on an Alumina PCB using our C-Proto solution with the following specifications: 4 single pieces of 40x40mm – 1 layer – silver conductor – no silkscreen. EUR 389 / order has no soldermask – EUR 412 / order includes green soldermask. This price is for the full batch but excludes shipping, VAT and other duties.