Direct PCB-on-heatsink - The ultimate thermal structure

Eliminating Thermal Barriers for Unparalleled Efficiency & simplifying the stack up for unmatched reliability.

pcb-on-heatsink vs traditional pcb - CERcuits solution

What is PCB-on-Heatsink Technology?

By having the electronic circuit directly onto an – electrically isolating but thermally conductive – ceramic heatsink, pcb-on-heatsink technology eliminates the need for a traditional set up which involves a PCB, interface material, screws or clamps and a metal heatsink.

Most of our heatsinks are made in aluminum nitride (170 W/mK) but also our lower grade aluminum oxide (20-24 W/mK) will yield already a better performance in many cases than an aluminium heatsink thanks to the removal of thermal barriers.


Benefits of PCB-on-Heatsink

  • Efficient Thermal Management: As every interface creates thermal resistance, this build up is far superior and will bring the electronic module faster to equilibrium and cools the components better.
  • High Reliability: Without additional components, there’s less chance of component failure. This makes the technology products highly reliable.
  • Inert and stable: Thanks to the low thermal expansion coefficient (CTE) of ceramic and the material being inert to most environmental hazards, the lifetime of the circuit is prolonged and its range of applications are increased.
  • Miniaturization: Because of the reduced number of thermal barriers, the need for heat spreading on the different layer is reduced, allowing to shrink the size of the circuit.

Examples of applications include

  • Power Electronics and power management systems
  • high power LED, lasers and other electro-optic modules
  • Photovoltaic systems
  • Harsh environment modules.
direct PCB on ceramic heatsink with gold and copper finish - CERcuits

Complete customization, MOQ 1 PCS & NO tooling

Our unique and in-house process allows for complete customization from the first part without the need for any tooling. Not just for the electronics circuit but also for the heat sink. We can make fins, round pins, squared pins are virtually any other shape.

We currently have made up the 3mm thick stacks but we can increase this to 5mm. 

For full design specifications, contact us to discuss.

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