High UV-C reflective solder mask

A unique solution to increase efficiency and lifetime of high performing UV-C LED modules.

High reflective UV mask - CERcuits

Thanks to a unique paste formulation and CERcuits’ unique circuit mask application process, we can offer a new UV reflective mask solution on ceramic printed circuits and submounts that reflects >80% in the UVC spectrum.

As UV-C LEDs still suffer from significant side emissions and given that typical epoxy-based circuit board solder masks have a too low reflectance, many UV-C modules are still underperforming and suffer from rapid degradation.

Our proprietary mask solution makes it possible sustain long and stable performances over a high load, even when using chip-on-board designs. In combination with the ceramic substrate, the modules can also be managed better thermally while being inert for environmental hazards. The combination finally enables efficient UV-C engines that meet today’s demand from curing, disinfection and other applications. 

Our mask can be supplied with solderable and wire bondable finishes for both top contact, flip chip, SMT and through hole designs. (Immersion tin or silver, ENIG, ENEPIG, EPIG, DIG, …)

Typical applications include

– Ink and paint curing
– Air, water and surface disinfection
– Odor control
– Outdoor sensors
– Space applications

Characteristics & Design rules



Reflectivity UV-C spectrum


Hardness (pencil test)


Typical thickness

30-60um (above substrate)

Min. solder dam width


Min. soldermask opening

0.2mm x 0.2mm

Min. pad overlap (solder mask defined pad)


Min. pad clearance (non-solder mask defined pad)


Min. Edge spacing



Reflectance of CERcuits UV mask in the 200-500nm wavelenght spectrum

How to order

Our UV relfective mask can be ordered via our C-Proto solution on both Alumina 96% (Al2O3 96%) as well as Aluminum Nitride (AlN).

Simply select the option ‘UV relfective mask’ which can be found within the quote & order form under Top Masking and/or Bottom masking.

Alternatively, you can also contact us for a quote. For example if you have a higher volume request or if you need a formal PDF quote.

Get Al2O3 96% Quote Get AlN Quote

Standard products using our UV-C reflective mask

To enable rapid and low costs prototyping and development, we developed a line a standard PCB with UV-C LED footprints that can be ordered online and held on stock.

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