Help VUB engineers to build ventilators

VUB open source ventilator

A team of engineers at Vrije Universiteit Brussel’s FabLab Brussels has developed a simple ventilator. They started from a design by MIT, extended with sensors based on specifications from researchers at Johns Hopkins University and the UZ Brussel.  They will now build 10 prototypes to test the ventilator and plans will be made available online […]

An update for our customers on COVID-19


A message from the CERcuits management on how we are preparing and dealing with the COVID-19 global pandemic and the steps we are taking to minimize wherever possible any impacts on them. We have been actively monitoring and managing risks associated with the COVID-19 outbreak for our people, customers, and our business. As we prepare and respond, our number one priority will always be the safety […]

Clean Vision Summit 2020

Clean vision summit 2020 by VITO

Past tuesday February 18, 2020, VITO, the Flemish Institute of Technological development held its 2020 Clean Vision summit in Mechelen, Belgium. This event covered hot topics including Artificial Intelligence, automation, nanotechnology, 3D-printing technology and many more. In short, the innovations for making processes and products smarter and faster are appearing at a record rate. The […]